AirFlo Fly Lines —

These are the best fly lines I’ve used in 60 years of fly fishing.  Their AirFlo Super-Dri Elite lines in WF bring out the best in my rods.

Cutthroat Furled Leaders —

All of my fly reels are fitted with these furled leaders.  I especially like the tippet ring option.  For blizzards of Trico spinners, I use the 50” Shorty fitted to three-feet of Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet in 6.5x. 

TroutHunter Nylon Tippet —

Their nylon tippet is the best.  I use this tippet exclusively.  The half-sizes fit niches well.

The Classic Fly Fisherman —

Bob Selb is the go-to guy for vintage tackle, new & used bamboo rods & classic reels.  Bob has been carrying my rods for almost 20 years.

Ted Godfrey Reel —

These reels are the very best.  They match particularly well with my rods.  Truly works of art made for trout and salmon angling.  Ted has been a friend of mine for over 45 years.  I fish his reels and grin.

The Spinoza Rod Company —

Marc Aroner has been a good friend of mine for over 40 years.  We both credit Tom Maxwell’s friendship and guidance as the primary influence on our rod building.  Marc’s rods are exquisite.

Chester Rod Company —

Brian Kleinchester has been “apprenticing” in my shop since 2004.  He still works here part-time while maintaining a shop of his own.  His rods are absolutely first-rate.