First Cane Models

These rods are being introduced into our line in 2017.  They are being designed and built as introductory models for the first-time bamboo rod angler.

With these rods, we hope to put some quality bamboo rods in the hands of folks who have not yet experienced the fun, precision, and serenity-inducing  characteristics of a well-constructed bamboo rod.  That, without having to put out the larger sums for our other rods.

The first of this series is a seven and a half foot, two-piece, single tip rod for V weight lines.  It is the same taper as that of our similar Top of the Line model.  It is about the most popular taper we offer.

We’ve reduced some of the bells and whistles, while still putting out a first-rate rod.  Ferrules are partially produced off site and the reel seat is from a commercial source.  It is a single tip rod where our Top of the Line ones feature twin sister tips.  The rod case is a lighter commercial, yet popular, model.

The First Cane models will sell for $995.

They will be officially introduced at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival in Doswell, Virginia, April 8-9, 2017.  We will have rods to cast and some for sale.  We will also likely have a couple at the Somerset show.