A Well-Rounded Collection

It’s fairly well-accepted that one cannot aspire to but one bamboo fly rod.  One of my customers has some fourteen different models of mine.  You need not map out such an ambitious collection.  But, where to start?

If you have not yet stepped up to bamboo, I recommend starting with the FIRST CANE model.  This is my most inexpensive model at $995 and comes in the all around, and most popular, 7.5’ 2-pc for V weight.  I also offer the very same taper in the Top of the Line series.  In any event a 7.5’ 2pc for V should be in one’s top three rods in a well-rounded collection.

From there, I would suggest a VI weight model.  Either the 8’ 3-pc Main Stem or the 7’9” 3-pc Main Stem.  These give you more verve for casts on larger rivers or with larger flies.

Next, I recommend you consider a seven-foot IV weight.  I prefer the three-piece, but the two-piece one is also a good choice.

In my opinion, these three models form the core of a well-rounded bamboo rod collection.

But then there’s also the…